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Thread: CS3 vs CS2 on a powerPC IMAC G5

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    Default CS3 vs CS2 on a powerPC IMAC G5

    hi people,

    I am thinking of upgrading to CS3 for smart filters and get RAW support for my E510. (adobe is quite bad in not supporting the CS2 so soon)

    I am using a 2.5 years of IMAC g5 1.8Ghz with 1.25GB ram. Currently it is running CS2 ok. I am wondering if CS3 will be slower or faster than CS2. I am worried that adobe optimized the new CS3 for the intel processor and it may be too taxing for my old powerPC IMAC G5.

    And where can I find the edu version of the CS3 for MAC? I looked at challenger and south asia both no stocks...


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    Default Re: CS3 vs CS2 on a powerPC IMAC G5

    Hey,from what I read, CS3 is about the same speed as CS2, with some filters being optimised further and thus faster, even on a PowerPC platform. So I don't think that you have any thing to worry about. You might want to increase the memory of your G5 iMac to 2GB though, that will really make CS3 much smoother.


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