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Thread: Travel Tips? Chiangmai

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    Default Travel Tips? Chiangmai

    I've bought flight ticket to chiangmai but no idea where to start there.
    Can anyone enlighten me.. where to visit?recommended hotels or a stay in the mountain.
    I would love to capture panoramic scenery,tribe villages/people,elephant ride,
    flea market/night bazaar etc.
    Travelling on 1st oct for 8days.

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    no one been chiangmai? i'm sure there is...

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    whoa. 8 days is a long time.

    changmai town itself doesnt have much to do except for the night market. if i were you, i will go north to mesai, near the border of laos and burma, there are nice mountain resorts around there too, i cant exactly remember the name thou.. the scenery is very nice there!

    hope it helps

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    Clearing up leave from work.been working mad.i think i deserve 8 good days... hehe
    I plan to spend first 2 day in the city then to the mountain and the last 2 nites back to the city..
    thanks bro the tip... will check out Mesai on the net

    anyone been chiangdao? tips pls...


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