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    This photo was taken but the model was not aware of it. . obviously she didn't because her eyes were closed. But the reason why they were closed was because of the fan. She was waiting until i was ready before she would open her eyes for the proper shot.

    This shot is done in a mini studio.

    In photoshop i played around with the channels and figured this would be a very nice black and white photo.

    I have other shots in colour which i wont post here. Maybe under p and p later
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    Nice magical moment there...

    But sadly, her left bra/bikini strap is kinda distracting there and it would have been better with a more balanced cleavage of both left and right in view. The back of her hand seems a lil over too.
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    There is distraction of the lower part of your composition. Overall, it is mis-themed.


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