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  • Classical

    12 10.62%
  • New Age

    7 6.19%
  • World

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  • Canto/Mandarin pop

    14 12.39%
  • Jpop/Kpop

    7 6.19%
  • English pop

    6 5.31%
  • Dance (techno, trance, eurodance, house, drum n bass etc.)

    14 12.39%
  • Jazz

    18 15.93%
  • Rock/Hard rock/grunge/Metal

    24 21.24%
  • Others

    11 9.73%
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Thread: What is your fav genre of music?

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    All good music including those from Bollywoods!

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    Quote Originally Posted by afbug View Post
    I recently discovered this gothic doom metal band called Draconian. bought their lastest album and its quite good.

    I think i'm open to most forms of metal except pure doom metal. Really cannot take it.
    So any Draconian fans here?

    Bought this album last year and I'm the type that sometimes bought a chunk of albums but dun have time or mood to listen and chuck it somewhere else. Only a few weeks back then I've been listening to them and find that this is quite a talented band. Normally, I dun listen to doom metal, too slow for my liking but this gothic doom band I like and the pace of most songs are faster than typical doom metal stuff.

    This album; Turning Season Within is their lastest. Musically, its quite powerful with some nice melodies. The male singer's growl is 1 of the best I've heard. Really good and combo with the female lead, its a perfect match. Lyrically, this album is a bit emo....'adult' version of emo. lol Themes are dark, depressing with some awesome lines but its typical of doom matel.

    So I've been hunting for their older albums; Arcane Rain Fell, The Burning Halo and Where Lovers Mourn. Anyone knows where to buy them locally, pls let me know. I've not been to HMV Heeren yet but this band is a bit ulu, so even they might not have. My last resort will be online. Really impressed by this band.

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    my favorite is rnb XD
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