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    Was looking at the sky just now and realised that the moon is orange today. Is this common ? Realised that i havent looked at the moon for a long time.

    In a seprate note. Is it possible to take large (ie moon cover the whole frame) , SHARP shots of the moon using a 500mm mirror lens with a x2 adaptor to make it a 1000mm lens ? I'm using a Pentax spotmatic and old slik tripod.

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    Hi reno77,

    I was hoping to learn something from the replies of the more experienced photographers here too, hence the late reply. Well from what I was adviced on shooting stars, in order to capture the stars as bright dots and not streaks, it is recommended to shoot at f/1.4 or f/2 at 20sec (you have to time the exposure manually with the Spotmatic). My own experience, however, is limited to star streaks which are really quite easy.

    Perhaps if you were to try in future, experiment with several exposure times and see how it turns out. With a 2x TC + mirror lens combo, I think sharpness may be compromised but still worth a try!


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