I'm lucky that I don't have to take taxis very often but I have noticed whilst driving, them taxis are probably involved in 95% of accidents I see.

What annoys me more than the often irratic driving, is when waiting by the side of the road to flag a taxi, someone comes and stands 5m in front of you to flag a taxi first. It happened to me twice yesterday. The first time it was two young kids, Japanese or Korean, aged around 8 or 9. I scolded them and they replied that I should let kids go first. Ha! Yeah right. Anyway, needless to say that I took the first cab that came along and they had to wait. And if I see them with their parents I will happily tell their parents how rude and disrespectful their children are.

Later on yesterday evening, whilst trying to get a cab outside Chijmes at 10.30pm, an expat German couple decided to try the same trick. There were no cabs around however and they called one, so when another arrived to drop off, we were closer to the drop-off point and we managed to get the cab.