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Thread: Flash on DSLR?

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    Smile Flash on DSLR?

    Hi everyone,

    A question which I dun seem to get it. Why is it that the conventional speedlight like SB28 etc not suitable for DSLR?
    Enlighten me pls. Thanks.

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    main reason is due to: CCD sensor vs film plane

    in film body, the TTL gagetry works like this: light thru lens hits film plane and then hits the TTL sensor inside the camera body. electronic calculations are made while taking into account the film's surface reflectivity and etc

    in digital body, the light however hits the CCD sensor surface. relectivity and other properties etc are different. so the same electronic calculations valid for proper flash exposure for film will now no longer be valid for digital. so they have to apply some modifications

    thats why nikon has nonDX (can use functionally on digital but will lead to flash exposure errors) and DX (for digital, also can use on film) type of flashes.

    for canon; ETTL is valid all over the place, provided u r using the newer type bodies (forgot whether is type A or B)

    others pls correct me if im wrong. cheers

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    Thanx Clive, a very comprehensible explanation you gave.
    Appreciate it.

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    Originally posted by Lance
    Thanx Clive, a very comprehensible explanation you gave.
    Appreciate it.
    Actually, S2 Pro/S1 Pro can use conventional speedlights. It's the D series Nikon bodies that can't. This is due to difference in CCD reflectivity vs film reflectivity.

    While Fuji managed to get around that, it also meant that TTL on the S2 Pro can only work up to ISO 400. Nikon chose to do it the other way, via special flashes, which is also not without its problems.



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