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Thread: Zouk + Dslr

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    Offer freelance (or free) photos to free publications like IS and ask them to supply you with a press pass maybe. It could mean an easier time to gain entry to a nightspot.

    But... to me. Going to such places is to party and drink Would be quite sucky to have to "work" at the same time.

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    Default Re: Zouk + Dslr

    Truez... I was at one of the nightspots with my SLR once.

    It's a total pain in the ass... Everybody kept on asking me to take photos even through i'm not the official photographer... Was pulled from table to table and even offered free drinks etc.

    And when u refuse, they get pissed off, as they may think that u are saying they are not worthy of your cam.

    So to make people happy, I just smile smile and take take and delete the pictures once I'm at home =)


    Tip -> Don't go near Zouk with SLRs... They don't like SLRs and prefer everybody to bring slim compacts

    Next Tip -> Be nice to bouncers and always have a sense of humour. Don't take people that are not your frds unless requested by them. Be safe not sorry

    Last Tip -> Don't bring your camera! How to enjoy chionging when you are lugging a brick ard

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