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Thread: ISO - What does it matter?

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    Question ISO - What does it matter?

    I understand that manually setting ISO setting affects the noise in the picture right? or if I want brightness to be higher I asjust ISO (forgot up or down)

    is that so? or am I way-off?

    If I use a film camera how does it affect? what if the film is a ISO 100film?

    What if I use a digital camera?

    What does ISO stand for then?


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    ISO ratings refer to the light sensitivity of the medium(whether film or digital).

    It then determines the shutter speeds you can use for a correct exposure with any given aperture.

    Grain or noise is just an unfortunate tradeoff.

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    ISO stands for International Standards Organisation.

    Use lower ISO for low light or still photography.

    Use higher ISO to capture fast moving objects. However, noise will result if there is insufficient light. Hence use of flash is recommended when using a high ISO.


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