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Thread: Where to do portfolio photoshoot?

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    Default Where to do portfolio photoshoot?

    Hi guys,

    I'm a student lookin for contacts that will do portfolio photoshoot for my eca committee.

    The photos i need is like this:
    Need individual shots as well as a group shot of all the members.

    I've browsed thru the "services offered/wanted" section but din find anything relevant. I also googled for it but only came up with results like Shooting Gallery which price is way beyond my club's budget...

    Wondering if you guys know any contacts or websites that will provide info for this service?

    Thanks a million!

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    Default Re: Where to do portfolio photoshoot?

    Mebbe you can put down your budget... it'll be easier for the free-lancers to contact you then.
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    Default Re: Where to do portfolio photoshoot?

    This would required at least some basic studio set up though not necessary inside a studio, you will also need a make up artist.

    I think it's better that you request the Moderator to move your thread to the "Service Offered/Wanted" section to gain more visibility by those free lancer, I'm sure if your PM inbox is not flooded by incoming messages, you will get flooded when the thread is there.


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    Default Re: Where to do portfolio photoshoot?

    Hi Zac08 and Bored Dad!

    Yea.. i posted a request on 'services offered/wanted' le. haven include the budget though.
    Will add that in.

    Thanks for the tips.


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