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Thread: Beginner's SLR?

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    Default Beginner's SLR?

    Hi, if any newbie is looking for gear to learn the basics of photography (exposure, composition, perspective etc) or the basics of SLR (depth of field, focusing etc), I have a fully manual Rollei film SLR together with 4 Rolleiflex prime (non zoom) lenses for sale.
    It's a complete and excellent manual film SLR set-up in itself, so you can continue doing film photography on it in future, or you could use to master your technique before moving on to an auto focus SLR system or digital system later.
    If interested, please refer to my ads in the Buy/Sell Camera & Lenses section.
    Thanks and happy learning!!!

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    Default Beginner's SLR?

    My gear is still available.
    Please note the camera is a SLR, not a rangefinder.
    Lenses will offer you a complete range:
    25mm for wide angle, 50mm for street shooting, 135mm for portraits, 200mm for sports etc.


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