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    hello since i'm basically new to SLRs, I've decided to enrol myself to basic photography lessons. since there are a couple of photography schools, i would like to ask where is the best place to learn basic photography.

    I know buying and reading a book is more cost-effective, but I'm willing to spend (as long as it's reasonable!) for lessons.

    looking forward to your replies!

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    IMO. read

    And keep shooting. It will help you improve

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    shooting will help you learn faster than any course

    of course i've never attended any but then hrm, that's what i feel strongly about

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    Try the Foundation Photography course at Pasir Ris CC by Mr Francis Lee.
    ( I think he also conduct lesson at other CC ).

    Good instructor with lots of experience, very resonable course fee.
    I have attended his lesson in 2005 and benefit alot from the lesson.

    Try the link :

    or the PA website , check courses under Art & Lifestyle.

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    try SLCC...


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