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    I just got my fz-8 abt 1-2mths ago, shot off abt 1.2k shots.
    Recently i've been using it as a substitute for my fren's videocam(dubbing audio anyway), and it could amt up to 1-2hrs each. used it liked tat abt for 3 times..?

    Now, problem is, yesterday, when i was taking pictures, after i set the white bal. my LCD screen start to go wacky...grey lines flickering in and out, and it seems like its getting worst, then it stopped. Shut it off till 2day afternoon, thing is, its still there, and it comes and goes as it pleases...

    Technical prob?? Don't think its the white bal. changed it back but its still there..How?

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    send to panasonic...

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    hmmm...yea..might jus do tat..


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