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    There's this guy who called himself 'roy' with the msn address "" who just added me on msn. (And got blocked after 5 minutes of conversation)

    11:39:33 PM roy ( hey.. u model pt?
    11:39:40 PM [trickster] : pt?
    11:39:45 PM roy ( partime
    11:41:18 PM [trickster] : depending on assignment. ^_^ why?
    11:41:23 PM [trickster] : you have an assignment for me?
    11:41:35 PM roy ( haha
    11:41:42 PM roy ( u wont like my "assignment"
    11:41:51 PM roy ( $500 per hour kind
    11:41:52 PM roy ( haha
    11:42:01 PM [trickster] : need to model what?
    11:42:08 PM roy ( no need to model
    11:42:12 PM roy ( more like escort me
    11:42:13 PM roy ( haha

    Moderators, if you can find this fellow, please block him. I won't be surprised if he's preying on the other members of this forum. I believe this is a forum where people can share their love for photography, not one where people like this guy here can look for escort services.
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    At least this person is honest enough to admit that you won't like this kind of assignment.

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    Amazing how people think that hiding behind a pc screen protects them.. until of course they get traced down via IP.

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    Welcome to the internetz.

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    If you entered your e-mail address into your profile, it was likely visible by outsiders, not just forum members. I removed all of that sort of information from another vBulletin forum after having someone contact me from outside the forums.


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