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Thread: What kind of job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost77 View Post
    In my case, I can kiss my retirement age "good-Bye" now.
    With this kind of standard I am in now. I can't think of otherwise.
    20 years later, you will see any other old man (that will be me!!!) doing his job in the hawker centre clearing the table and maybe washing the toilet.

    i see food courts n kopitiam either seeking cheaper sources of labour or younger generation.
    i rather u set a stall set food or seek other alternatives.

    Quote Originally Posted by deckard View Post
    this is highly unlikely, a technician in his 40s, the experience and the age will actually work against him. you will be surprised how many applications we had like him. All will be asking for the basic pay of $2k+. In HR sense, it is an immediate reject. even though the applicant has met all the minimum requirements and more.

    what most employers will be kind and go along with the interview process. this is the reality now. "pls lower your expectations."
    i agree with u , its the same for all industry, i have seen such cases many time, its either candidate fit the budget or fit the exit door.

    Quote Originally Posted by blazer_workz View Post
    i understand ur case..most companies value ppl wif experience..not ppl who's experience come from working many years in a same company..and this is a very sad fact..a young dude who always job hop can change job every 2 years..and reach a managerial post on his 4th job..but this kind of ppl wouldn't have any leadership/human resource qualities..
    i know of these groups of people , but give me the choice, i will join them to hop for higher pay and reach 4k by the age of 29 then to stick to a company for loyalty. if the company can see the value n offer the salary then , absence of leadership / hr qualities is okay with the mgmt std , y not. more money leh , if cannot perform then hop hop again lor,

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazer_workz View Post
    Its an average..hence its not so accurate..for instance sample size of 10 ppl
    6 of them get 10k
    4 of them get 3k
    So average will be 7.2k

    But at least its a good gauge how far u r away from the top earners.
    agree. I find the list realistic.
    it is not the indication of how much u can definately get but that is the industry average.

    my friend questioned me, why accoutant so low paid at only $4500 ?

    Take an example :

    In a mid size accounting company, you may have ;
    1) 1 chief accountant getting paid $10k a month.
    2) 2 senior accountant $7k.
    3) 5 accountants drawing $5k in average
    4) 10 junior accountant (fresh graduate or 1 year experience) drawing around $2.5k.

    The average is $4,111.

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