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    But here's my first stab at abstract, a study in lines and forms. Any good?

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    I'm no expert but I do think if you can bring the brightness of the sky down a little, it'll be even greater effect.

    Composition wise, personally, I would put the 'highway' or structure to the lower 1/3 of the photo and to give more space for the sky.

    Anyway, it's just my preference.

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    Firstly please resize your photo.

    I would prefer the top right hand part of the building to be cropped off. For the framing part i would prefer 2/3 structure and 1/3 sky, giving the building more length to show that is leading to the sky. As bored dad mentioned, the sky is too bright maybe you could tone it down.

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    I like the pic and the advise from contributors. To tone down the sky, try using a CPL or Grad ND Filter - these may make your picture look better by giving you a bluer sky, less blow-out on the clouds, and maybe cut some reflections from the "stairs".


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