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Thread: Can't Get Enough - Clubbing Wear 010907 (Sat)

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    Pix of Wendy will be uploading soon.


    Clubbing/ Casual Wear Shootout

    Date: 1st Sep 2007 (Saturday)
    Duration : 3pm to 6pm. (3hrs)
    Location: Outdoor (Only made know to those who confirms booking)
    Outfits: 1 outfits for each hour, total 3 outfits per model.
    No. of Photogs: Min 9 photographers to start, max 12 photographers.
    Ratio: Photogs will be split into 3 groups, each group has an hour with one of the models. Then rotate till all three groups completed with all 3 models.
    Price: $65.00

    Please Note:
    1. Kindly PM or email me with your name/nick and mobile number to register;
    2. Booking Confirmation : Only upon payment is made in full. Payment details will be sent to you via SMS once you register.
    3. Location details will be sent to you via SMS after payment is made.
    4. My Contacts : HP : 90883038

    Slots Available:

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    Upzzzz for the day..

    btw.. Bro & sis. I rather puzzled why no one is interested in shooting these ladies. So went around asking and gathered information it may be because most people are afraid to sign up for shoot from organisers that they have not work with. Reason being there are previous experience that the organiser took the money and ran off.

    I can totally understand that, but just to clear the air and boost some confidence in everyone. Yes, I am rather new into organising shoots but there is always a begining in everything we do.

    All I can do is hope you guys have faith, as I am from a registered company (Pixellustrator) in Singapore and I cannot afford to fool around. There are other things related to photography that me and my company does for a living, just for yr info.

    Aside fromall the speculations, perhaps someone is kind enough enlighten me why?


    Predator (Vince)


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