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Thread: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

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    Default Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    i;v posted this in the equipment discussion part. but no one seems to have any answers replies or anything. so i figured i'd ask here.

    i've been seeing this photographer
    using that lens to take shots that look similar to the output of tilt shift lens. i'm wondering what is it. cause i cant seem to find much information about it.

    that photographer is AWESOME

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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    That's an enlarging lens used in darkroom work.

    Basically, slap it on some kind of bellows and you're good to go! Shoule be quite a cheap set-up too! Probably less than SGD200-300 max for everything you should need. Seen it on e-bay for less than US20 - 30. Just have to hunt for the stuff. Google is your friend!
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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    how does that guy use the lens to take photos that use it to take 'tilt shift' photos?

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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    You can mount the lens onto a bellow(with tilt and shift movement), then to your camera via an adaptor. I think Novaflex makes the bellow.

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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    so i need a bellow with tiltshift movement and a EF adaptor to work it. thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    The Novoflex Balpro T/S has a version with the Componen lens that u r referrin perm fixed onto it. I think it retails for less than the price of any of the Canon T/S lenses, and will let you tilt more than the T/S lenses

    Or u can look at the Horseman LD as well.

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    Default Re: Schneider Componon-S 4.0/80mm

    I believe Jyune-san from Bitter girls is using a Zoerk MFS setup, they have customised mounts using these enlarger lenses. However, I find them a bit pricey, especially since you have to order them in the US(or Germany). So finding the bellow setup is a better alternative.


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