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Thread: Question for the elders

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeTHaCk View Post
    if you got the $$ , a 2nd hand tokina 28-70 f2.8 would be good too. its kinda heavy but its built like a tank.
    hmmm... I had some issues with this lens. It sure is built like and tank and feels shiok holding it, but when shooting at f2.8, I get this weird "glowing" effect. Maybe I just got a bad copy, but it seems to be the case for many Tokina lenses. Just my own opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cap_Dingo View Post
    Flash can look natural also. Just bounce it. - lsisaxon. Problem is my roof is 4 metres in the air.
    4m is no problem. Just up the ISO if your flash isn't powerful enough. I've been shooting bounce with really high ceilings with the SB800 with not much problems.

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    Well, there's always the lightspere and bounce cards... and you can also direct the flash at 60 degrees instead of 90 degrees up.
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