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Thread: Ixus 75 VS T100

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    Hi newbie here need help

    Firstly i decide to get canon 400D but after read a lot comment from tiss forum feel like waste to invest 1 to 2 k for that.

    when i read through about what we need to know before getting dslr.Got some question there where i cant get answer for myself
    (How deep your interest with photograp, how long u can survive with tis hobby, this hobby need more time n money, and last is
    photograp is not for everyone
    tiss all question make me thing it back again the true of my interest..

    Some is recc to play with prosumer cam first n slowly upgrade when feel it suitable for yoursefl or can stop with small lose of money( before invest for DSLR)

    After that my mind change to start with compact digi cam. any sugestion from pro pro here ....

    Thinking to get canon ixus 75 but how about quality for Sony T100 which one is better...

    Thank in advance

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    Default Re: Ixus 75 VS T100

    sony scary. their features seem to match up w/ cameras of their kind
    by words though (that's when u r comparing their features.
    but quality >.<

    must as well go for canon,
    who has more experience in camera manufacturing.


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