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Thread: Flushing your way to success!

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    Default Flushing your way to success!


    Did anyone ever see what else Gary Fong is up to when he's not flushing your money into his bank account?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I just came across it.

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    Ha Ha!

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    Lake-front homes, Ski Resorts, Harbour-Front, Horse Ranch, Marina Condo and one of them 'Super Yachts' ...

    Why didn't my pappy let me get into the translucent portable salad and toilet bowl business! LOL!

    BTW, we 'affectionately' know the LS by our 'ta-pow' slang phrase, but in the caucasian word-speak, it's known as a salad bowl, and as one photographer shared: He had his LS on his camera one day and this kid, looking at a photographer's LS, asked his mother: "Mommy, why does that man have your BREAST PUMP on his camera?" Priceless!


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