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    one of my fave shot. was in a technically favourable condition hence did i able to do this...
    however, i would really love to hear some comment from fellow CSer.
    4 of us wanted to go have fun...ended up in a whole lot of mess...but getting this shot prove tats it worth it.

    in the shot, i simply "trail" behind them, they were like crazy splashin water.den it struck me that i can try capturing these spontaneous mischieve so them. hence the short.

    location: sentosa,siloso beach.
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    What camera you using ar? just wondering.

    it's fairly sharp.
    i like the capture of their facial expression
    seems like they really having fun,
    the water splashing on them gives it a greater more playful effect
    for that.

    but the angle abit weird le.
    i know u dun wanna stand in the water, at their feet
    and risk u camera getting wet
    but the angle makes it look like the photographer (which is u)
    is gonna fall onto the middle guy's face :P

    apart from that.

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    its taken with a nikon d40
    this is the shots data.

    M mode, 1/400 Sec, f7.1, iso 200,

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    I like the does convey a fun message. I duno, but did you try viewing the pic up-side-down?

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    nice shot! I agree with lastboltnut - try it upside down

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidhiten View Post
    nice shot! I agree with lastboltnut - try it upside down
    somehow i think the TS already flipped it? For this angle, he would have to stand with back facing sea and standing over his friends


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