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Thread: What's that in my lens?

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    Default What's that in my lens?

    Recently i start to notice this blotch on the lower portion of my pictures, dunno what is it.

    Cant see anything on the lens with my naked eyes leh. Tried wiping with my lens cloth still the same.. is there a way to get it off or do i have to send for repair?


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    Default Re: What's that in my lens?

    Think it's dust in your sensor.
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    Default Re: What's that in my lens?

    looks like sth you can clean off easily. have you checked the inside portion of glass on ur lens? if so then try attaching a different lens if u have 1 and see the result.

    btw wat cam r u using? if its a nikon, you could trigger the mirror lock-up and check the sensor for dirt. but be careful to do so in a cleaner room

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    Default Re: What's that in my lens?

    hey guys thx for helping out, er my camera is only a panasonic lumix, dun think can take out the lens =)

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    Default Re: What's that in my lens?

    Looks quite big. Try to use an even smaller aperture, like f18 - f22 and shoot at a patch of bright clear blue sky. The dust particle should have a clearer outline. Else maybe its fungus?

    If it is dust, you can prevent it from appearing by using bigger appertures (f2.8 - f8), and not necessary to send it in for cleaning, unless you always use small apertures and your camera is still under warranty.

    If its fungus, its better to have it sent for cleaning as it would get worse over time. This may not be covered by warranty.

    Check the prices for both services, and decide for yourself if it is worth your time and money to have it repaired.

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    ok thanks. go dig for my warranty later.
    any recommendation on where i can send my camera for cleaning?


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