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Thread: Olyumpus IS 20 35mm help

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    Default Olyumpus IS 20 35mm help

    I am a newbie to the forum. I have enjoyed photography for close to 35 years. I have not yet ventured into the digital cameras yet. I did purchase an Olympus IS 20 35mm camera and hope someone can help me. I am planning a trip to Las Vegas and want to get some good shots of the Strip at night. Since this Olympus is totally Automatic and I am used to a manual camera, I am not familiar with the settings. How would I go about setting this up right for Fstop and ASA. I am thinking about using an 800 ASA for these night shots.

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    I haven't used mine for a while but you should just be able to insert DX labeled film and the camera will select the speed from the film canister.

    Also, on the top, is a scene setting control with 4 scenes around a centre auto setting that should have a crescent moon on it to depict night time shots. Pressing that should help you get what you want.


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