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    This is my first attempt at sports shots - what do you think I should have done to capture the shot clearly.

    I was panning with my D50 (so no servo-tracking). ISO 200, 78mm, 1/50 secs!

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    looks like you've postprocessed too much? the highlights on his skin are blown and you've lost all detail in his shirt (levels?). also his skin looks so red (oversaturation?)

    the sharpness is not bad but to get a sharper image, you can try shooting from further away, this way you have to move the camera less to get more blur, this will in turn allow you to increase your shutterspeed. also this way, the focus point wont be too much of an issue

    the other thing you can do is keep practising panning shots, you just need to get the feel for timing. for my panning shots, i try to follow the subject in the lens for a second before i hit the shutter.


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