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Thread: special software recommendations?

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    Default special software recommendations?

    Hi guys,

    does anybody have suggestions if such a software exist?

    one that is able to GENERATE/RENDER a 3D model from sequential jpegs?

    say, if i have 500 sequential jpegs of the slices of an apple, is there any software out there that can build/compute these 500 jpegs and render out the 3D model of the apple that can be rotated?

    please do advise as i am looking for it



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    Default Re: special software recommendations?

    anybody can help?

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    Default Re: special software recommendations?

    Microsoft's Photosynth
    Gallery | Facebook Page Spreading the Good photography.

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    Default Re: special software recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by CYRN View Post
    Microsoft's Photosynth
    thanx CYRN, am downloading it now...

    hmmm...... well, not sure how good it will do the job...but will let u guys know again


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