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Thread: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA...anyone watching chn 8?

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    Default HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA...anyone watching chn 8?

    anyone found the way the policemen spoke extremely hilarious?i did...
    the way they portray the some retards...the way they interrgorate, their actions....very "pawfessional". they were interrgorating the female lead(just woke up) who had just been knocked unconsious in a very very cold, uncaring, unprofessional, weird accent..omg...>.<

    the portrayal was like sh*t! offence = )

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    Default Re: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA...anyone watching chn 8?

    Get real, no one speaks like those people on TV in real life.. no one!

    For that matter, the characters in HK serials live in homes that are bigger than our HDB. No way!!!! (Unless you have a house on the hill)


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