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Thread: Compact cameras and DOF

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    Default Compact cameras and DOF

    Can anyone explain why DSLRs can take shallower DOF photos than compact cameras? I've tried to find info on this but can't seem to find a simple explaination. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Compact cameras and DOF

    Shallow DOF required a low 1/f-stops.

    If you check your compact, it should be around 2.8-4.6 (Agat agat).

    For SLR, there are lens which can goes down to say 1.2!!

    That's the reason.
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    A simple explanation I can give is it had something to do with the smaller CCD sensor size of a compact camera compare to a DSLR.

    Of coz, the aperture size affect the DOF, as well as the distance between the subject and its background, etc.

    A very detailed explanation can be found here.

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    Default Re: Compact cameras and DOF

    1) using shorter focal length to shoot a subject at the same aperture and same focusing distant give deeper dof. look at the focal length of the compact digital camera and you see it is normally 7-21mm (which in this case gives me an eqivilant angle of view of 35-105mm when combine with the small ccd in my G2).

    2) circle of confusion (coc in short) of compact digital is much smaller than dslr, coc of dslr is smaller than film.

    taken from

    f be the lens focal length,
    N be the lens f-number,
    c be the circle of confusion for a given image formats,
    s be the distance at which the camera is focused (the “subject distance”).
    The DOF can roughly be equant to

    DOF approx. = {2 N c f^2 s^2} / {f^4 - N^2 c^2 s^2}
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