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Thread: Prices of DSLR one year from now???

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    Default Prices of DSLR one year from now???

    Judging at the speed Canon release their DSLR and Nikon and Fujifilm playing catch-up.

    I wonder if the entry level of DSLR will be lowered to < $2K by next year?

    Currently the 10D and D100 are around the $2.75K mark.

    Hopefully both Canon and Nikon release a new DSLR each next year and I may be able to buy a used D100 from CSers upgrading for below $2K.

    I hope in future, DSLR will have upgradable CCD sensors, like a PC upgrading a mainboard.

    If so, Each time a newer technology of CCD is introduced like 4th generation CCD, or 5th generation CCD, just pay for the CCD upgrade and you get a better quality pictures or higher resolution pictures.

    Now that would be great!

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    hard to tell...just take it one step at a time


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