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Thread: quantum batteries?

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    Smile quantum batteries?

    hey guys i dun realli get wats quatum batteries for flashes.normal rechargeble batts can be used also rite?
    anyone care to explain the difference?pics?thks guys

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    Default Re: quantum batteries?

    You can use normal AA rechargeable batteries for your flash, if you are just a casual shooter.

    Quatum battery packs has different models, hence price are varies. range from $600+ to $1k something..
    basically the battery packs are meant for heavy users, cos it have more batteries juice than other type rechargeable batteries, and it let the flash recharge it power faster.

    imagine you have to carry 20~30 pieces of AA rechargeable batteries for each assignments if don't use Quatum batteries pack, don't forget still have to think how to organize all the used and fresh AA rechargeable batteries, and charge all of them before next assignments

    As for picture, you can do a google search.
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    If you are interested in reading a review of quantum batteries as well as an explanation on the limitations of hotshoe flash, you might want to refer to this website.
    My Quantum Turbo SC provides me with about six to seven shots before recharging kicks in and I have to stop momentarily; without which I can't fire more than three shots continuously.


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