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Thread: How to view recorded digital video images on TV?

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    Default How to view recorded digital video images on TV?

    Hi all!!! It is nice to know there is such a dedicated bunch of pros and wannabes photographers on such a great website!!!

    I need help with my recorded digital movies. I currently own a Minolta Dimage XI and have been snap happy for about 4 months now. On top of the usual digital photos, I have taken lots of digital movies, which I can only view on my laptop and the camera. I know that I can view the movies on my TV by simply plugging in the VIDEO OUT wire, but I want to know how to save and view them on VCD players. I understand that the format is different, which means I can't simply burn the movies with my CR-RW recorder and play it on my VCD player. My questions are :

    - there are some DVD/VCD players on sale that claim they can play CR-R CR-RW formats, so does it mean I can view them if I just buy one of these (no salesman can confirm, all blur)?

    - I understand there are software available in the market to "convert" the format so that I can play them on my VCD. Is there an "easier" and "cheaper" way than this?

    - Getting an ultra-small digital movie camera that takes continuous movies on "AVI" format, claims you can just burn into a VCD and view them on a VCD player, unlike my digital camera which is "JPEG" format and takes only 35 second long movies at any one time. Is it true about the "AVI" format?

    - Haven't really got around the Dimage software since, is there a course or someone I can learn from other than the manual? Have not twitch or alter or resize any of my photos taken. They appear as they are!!!

    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!!!


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    When the DVD player indicates that it reads CDR/CDRW, it simply means that a CDR/CDRW is readable on the player.

    Some older players are unable to read CDR/CDRW because the light reflected is insufficient. It has also to do with the difference in lens used for the DVD or VCD. Thats' why some players indicate that they use dual lens, one for dvd, one for vcd for the best compatibility.

    Whether its a Normal CD, CDR/CDRW, it must be in a playable format, most commonly -> VCD. So if you just burn the movie file on the CD and hope to play it with the DVD player, then that would not be possible. (unless one day the dvd player itself can play mpeg, quicktime, divx files directly)

    There is a software that can be used to create a VCD playable photo album and as well for browsing videos.

    It's called Roxio WinOnCD DVD Edition.

    It's fairly easy to use. You can add captions to the photos, background music, etc. The video is converted for you and placed in the cd.

    Very much like a slide show. Users can advance each photo manually or automatically based on a preset amount of interval.

    It also burns the original picture file into the CD, making it a backup as well.

    Also burned in are HTML files that let you browse the photos on a computer.

    Try this link to find out more.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Thanks!!!

    Thanks for your quick and detailed reply. You just saved me a bundle from not buying the DVD/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW video player!! Will check out the Roxio website.......


    Grateful Jane

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    Glad to be of assistance


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