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    Hi all.

    I'm a student whose currently studying in Singapore and I'm doing a project on pinhole photography. My group mates and i're very interested in holding our very own session in allowing our fellow schoolmates to have a go at creating a pinhole camera.

    we intend to feature the best images captured onto postcards and then circulate them around our campus. we are doing all these in a bid to allow our target audience to appreciate the beauty of pinhole photography (we think the images are just awesome!) as well as the inventor of the pinhole camera.

    thus, we would need an organisation who would be willing to sponsor our material costs which will amount to about $150.

    could any of you kindly give us suggestions on who we might be able to contact? we really hope our project can be a success!

    Thanks so much!

    -a group of students who would be very grateful for your kind assistance!

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    not sure if they're willing but the photographic society of singapore would be a good place to start off...or safra photoclub...or even the Film & Media Studies department in ngee ann a similar vain, my course mate from mass comm conducted a videography lesson for a couple of secondary schools with the poly's equipment...i suppose the photography lecturers there might be willing to help out? worth a shot (pun not intended)

    good luck
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    Thanks so much for your help!!


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    hey no problem..i was a student once, and always found myself wishing there were people out there who were willing to give some advice good luck once again...hope they're able to help you out


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