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Thread: Colour Cast in my Photos(2 pix)

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    Default Colour Cast in my Photos(2 pix)

    I've compared pictures that on my monitor to those that I have sent for printing at the Fujifilm minilab, and I see that the printed pictures are more golden that on my monitor.

    I would like fellow CSers to help me look at the following two photos, the first is straight out of camera, and the second is edited only in colour balance. I moved the sliders in Photoshop to red5, magenta7 and yellow 20.

    Is the second picture overly yellow? Because I would like to see if it's my monitor that is too cool or it's just the minilab that is giving more yellowish prints..

    So is the the second picture too yellow? Thanks.

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    They are all valid photos. Both are acceptable.

    The labs will always give a slightly warm photo print. That's what makes a photo looks more pleasing. It really depends on the printer's eye/preference.

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    All right, thanks alot.


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