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Thread: Appeal for Witness or Information - RTA

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    Default Appeal for Witness or Information - RTA

    Posting on behalf of a friend

    Hi Bros & Sises,

    It has never come across my mind that I would be one whom has to turn to forum & club for help until today.

    My wife & I just got back from NUH after visiting her cousin suffering from severe injuries.

    He had been a victim of a early morning hit-n-run traffic accident.

    He suffer a gash on his left upper arm that needed stitches.
    Bruised chest & mild head concussion.
    Fractured left leg
    Fractured right fore arm

    He was riding his ride on his routine way home after work at between 7.30am to 8.30am (when his wife received a call from police) Tuesday (7 Aug) morning. He was travelling along Upper Bukit Timah Road, near Courts towards Choa Chu Kang where he stay.

    Then a car came from behind and hit him and sped off. It was passer by who saw my cousin in law laying on the road with a damage bike and call for help. Noone had step forward to provide any information nor were there any witness to the accident.

    My cousin in law did not even know what happen. He said one moment he was riding his bike home, the next moment he was laying on the road in excruciating pain and a scrapped bike.

    He held 2 jobs to support his 3 mths old baby boy & wife. We were not able to contact his company HR today to get confirmation if he is covered by the company insurance after his working hours.

    This careless driver had caused much grief & anxiety to his young family. He is one of our less fortunate counterpart where, when the hand stops, the mouth stops too.

    I sincere hope that through our forum, I am able to reach out to many helpful souls to provide as much information as possible to this accident.

    Kindly contact David aka Pukebomb @ 93666561 if you have any information to share.

    Thanks in advance and your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Appeal for Witness or Information - RTA

    Just wondering have the police also been investigating?

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    Default Re: Appeal for Witness or Information - RTA

    These hit and run cases are far too common these days... bloody @rseholes!!

    Hope you guys get the info you want to put that MF behind bars for a long long time!

    Take care!

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    Condolences, hope you get the guy soon.

    Up for you.


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