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    Just this monday I went to Colour Lab Photo at Adelphi to get the pics of a wedding event printed. I specifically told the ladies at the shop that I wanted the pics to be printed with white border but they didn't. The pics they printed are without border. They claim that they had forgotten to take note of my request.

    My client wanted the pics printed with white borders and now I'm stuck. The dateline to deliver the pics is near.

    I asked the shop to resolve the issue and they suggested that I pay 1/2 price i.e. 20 cents for each pic instead of 40 cents, should I want them to re-print the pics with white border immediately.

    I need advise from you guys as to what I should do...


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    They make the mistake and should not ask u to pay for re print.

    u can reject by not paying and go for other places to print.

    if the price by that lab is "fantastic" and you choose to maintain relationship, and not to pay/do additional print, cut the border yourself...

    If u have time to ask questions here, might as well go for other labs that can do the print NOW and collect tmr(provided they are open tmr for you)...


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