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Thread: Comparison - TZ3 and T100

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    Default Comparison - TZ3 and T100


    I am deciding on the new camera and have narrowed down (with my limited knowledge) on the Panasonic Lumix TZ3 and the Sony T100.

    My main criteria are to have a higher optical zoom (more than 3X), compact, reasonable quality/color and decent flash.

    As a point and shoot camera, I understand it will not be as good as those Digital SLR which will give much better night shots and indoor shots. But I guess something gonna give.

    Can help me do a comparison between the 2 or if you have a better recommendation, please share with me.

    My own feel of their plus points:
    TZ3 : good image stabilizer, 10X zoom, wide angle, SD card cheaper
    T100: face detection, 5X zoom, very slim, MS less likely to fail


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    Default Re: Comparison - TZ3 and T100

    Had a LZ-10 from panasonic which rocks! Personally would choose TZ3


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