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Thread: Dry cabinet - operation- question

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    Hi, got a digi cabi dry cabinet . had problem with setting humidity. digihub has agreed to replace unit. detached dehumidifying unit for sending it for replacement.

    Is it necessary to keep the cabinet in an a/c room or a closed room? with the unit removed from back, air is entering cabinet. the highest value I have seen is 79% and lowest 53 % ( no power on). 53 after rains stopped.

    Problem with my unit was it was not setting above 40%.

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    It'll be better if you keep it in an air con room for the moment, as these few days has been raining quite badly.

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    actually its alright just for a few weeks if you cam is not in the dry cabi. Don't be too paranoid (i sometimes left my gear in the back for 1-2 weeks before putting into the dry cabi, no problem so far).. Think of the tourists that come for 1 week tour, does it mean they will have fungus once they get home??
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    just seal it and chuck a container of silica gel into the cabinet if you really want to get something done.


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