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Thread: How to take pictures from a plane - by Charles Pfeil

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    Default How to take pictures from a plane - by Charles Pfeil

    For those who travel by air and wish to take some nice pictures like what Charles Pfeil have done at, here is his writeup. Permission asked.

    By Charles Pfeil:
    I took those photos shortly after take-off from SFO on my way to Japan. I have been trying many different methods and the following seems to get the best result:
    * Fly first/business class and get a window seat so the wing doesn't get in the way. :-)
    * Sit on the opposite side of the sun.
    * No filters - a polarizer causes the window to become colorized, a UV filter may be good - I haven't tried that yet.
    * Shutter priority 1/500sec, manual focus a little under infinity
    * Wear dark clothes so there is minimum reflection.
    * Vertical format seems to get the best photos
    * I use a 24-85 lens and the best ones usually end up about 75mm
    * Then I use Fred Miranda's software to sharpen it. I don't know if you have is plug-ins but without a doubt I have found his sharpening actions to do the best job with minimum artifacts. With scenery like cities from the air, it can actually handle the highest setting of sharpening and even if there are some artifacts, the little buildings actually look better with it.
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