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Thread: About buying tripod

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    Default About buying tripod

    I have an old tripod which is very heavy.
    Now thinking of getting another one, be it new or 2nd hand.
    My budget is cheap cheap.... $20-50?

    Then i saw some postings about bipod.
    When i do image search over yahoo, it showed me alot of machine gun bipods!
    So i went to search monopod.
    I wonder is it good?

    With my kind of budget can i get a decent tripod?
    Maybe like detachable head?

    Nowadays I see many lightweight tripod, are they recommendable?
    If camera is not pns, do u think the light weight is risky? ie wind blow and fall down

    I wonder anyone selling a decent tripod at good price? i dont mind 2nd hand if the condition is good

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    Default Re: About buying tripod

    ...What do you want the tripod/monopod/bipod for?

    For tripods, other than brand premiums, you generally pay for what you get. What is your setup? $20 to $50 is wait long long, for brand new tripod which is decent for DSLR.

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    Default Re: About buying tripod

    i am not using DSLR.
    Fuji S5700 only

    I wanna use it for dim shoot


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