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Thread: Mizuki Takase - Comic Party

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    Default Mizuki Takase - Comic Party

    Another toy I gotten from the taka Crazy Fair





    personally i like no.4 the best......
    it really looks like a flip off the comic book

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    Colours a bit oversaturated and background too complicated.

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    yup noted.
    i push the colours....

    btw, shoots were done using K800i.

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    did you over expose on purpose?

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    I didn't really get the PVC figures though the prices were great, most are at 50% off the retail.
    Anyway, you got a nice partition in your office which serves as a good background.
    IMHO, try putting the figure before it and give it a shot, unless you'd like to have the stationery in the background.
    also dun oversaturate it. i think its original subtle colors are very cute!
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