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Thread: My RAW images cannot be converted!!

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    Default My RAW images cannot be converted!!

    Someone please help me!

    I shot most of my images in RAW and have them in the CF cards. Then I transfer them to my X-Drive.

    Now when I tried to convert the RAW images, a few of them can't be done at all!!! There's an error message. I notice this is especially so for the last 1 or 2 images. There's 1 image that I really like...

    I think while using the CF cards, I did delete some images now and then. Is this the cause? I'm not sure if I read it in Clubsnap or elsewhere that deletion of images can cause the FAT to be corrputed. Is this true?

    I can still see my image in RAW format but I can't convert it into TIFF. Are my images gone for good?! Anyway to salvage them?

    Arghhh!!! I would really appreciate if someone could help me!!! Thanks very much in advance!!!

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    I encountered one raw file which couldn't be converted too. The thumbnail displays correctly.

    Am using a G2.

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    Default file conversion

    have u tried in another system?

    i can try it with my pc, if you dun mind.

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    Wahhh, u mean no one has really experienced this??? I'm the only one?

    Thanks Nudi... but I think it's really got to do with the deletion of images problem... just want to confirm and see if there are any remedies to it.


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