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Thread: Let's revive Gundam Threads

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    Default Let's revive Gundam Threads

    RX-78-2 summoned to protect Singapore during National Day.

    hope to see more pictures from fellow gundam fans =)

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    I realised that I have not taken any Gundam shots to be proud of.
    But since I personally am a Gundam fan, I feel obligated to show my support in the TS' effort.
    I thought I would just share one of my RX-78-2 toy...

    ... and my Zaku II model kit in action.

    my other toy posts: Overman (Rd2), EVA-03, EVA-02 (1997 Movie Ver.), EKO COBRA, Street Fighter BALROG (US)/M.BISON (JP), Street Fighter Guile, Superman™ KEN, Saber Fate/Stay Night, EVA-01, EVA, MazinKaiser, Patlabor Ingram-1, Griffon, Gaiking, Dangaioh, Convoy (Optimus Prime), Megatron, Overman, Zaku II, GM Sniper Custom Ver.Ka.
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    looks real hor? =)


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