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Sorry to OT in your thread..
I am going to Cambodia tonight for 5 days.

Can someone confirm what kind of electrical connectors they use.
Will the Singapore power plugs work there or we need some adaptor ?
Want to be sure my battery chargers work there.

Oops.. don't know if this reply came to late.. But in any case if you are goign Siem Reap, you can find almost everything you need from the shops/ supermarkets there!!

I was worried when I went there in June/July also.. Did a search on Internet and guidebooks back then and it seems that Cambodia uses either two-pin flat OR two-pin round depending on the location, so I brought along both types of adaptor. When I reached there, to my delight, the guesthouse power sockets accepts Singapore 3pin types cos its those universal sockets. From what I remember, the floorlamp in the room had a two-pin flat type. I think its best to check with the guesthouse that you will be staying in to be sure.

And do remember to bring those 3way plug so that you can charge multiple things at a time..