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    Hi Guys,

    During night time,when I used this len to shoot portrait,the pic always turn not to be "un-sharp".Do any of the bros and sis using this len encounter this?

    Those who uses this len,able to post some of your night portrait pics?

    Thanks alot to all

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    I use to have this lens, it's not really a night outdoor lens due to it small apperture, which render a longer exposure required and cause camera shake or motion blurness. So tripod and flash may be neccesary for night shots.

    Another issue is whether it's focus correctly or not.

    So it's better for you to post an example shot, so we can find out what is the most likely cause of the blurness.
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    What shutter speeds do you use and did you use a tripod?
    A heavier lens needs a faster shutter speed ( inverse of the focal length) and the aperture is small so this may cause focussing issues for the camera
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