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Thread: Pigeon Sunbathing @ CentralPark

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    Default Pigeon Sunbathing @ CentralPark

    I was strolling on Central Park - NY, and found this pigeon out below tree shadows. She picked a spot with summer-sun shined the grounds.

    It was hot-day where lots of people had sun-bathe @ Central Park, and it seems pigeon loved that too, in the middle of "woods" and "fields" where lights beamed down.

    Taken with 50mm f/1.8

    Kindly C&C on Composition and Color. FYI : There's no postprocessing on this image, other than resize.

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    Default Re: Pigeon Sunbathing @ CentralPark

    The pigeon is too small to be the main subject, if you ask me.
    I see you are using 50mm lens, it's not easy taking close-ups of birds without scaring them away with that.


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