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Thread: Coolpix 5000 - MB5000 work with AC input ?

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    Default Coolpix 5000 - MB5000 work with AC input ?

    OK i am using the coolpix 5000
    and i got the MB5000 battery pack

    the question is after buying all the stuff i forget to buy the Battery charger that is for the re-chargerable battery i got ..

    on fine day - i plug in my coolpix 5000 attach to the mb5000
    and i plug the AC input which is the EH-53

    after i use the camera for abt 30 min ..

    it seem like the battery inside the MB5000 was charged
    after i remove the AC input from EH-53

    ok the question is ..

    is this an good idea or it will damage the cam ?

    or can i charge my battery this way -- anyone got any clue if this is a good way to charge the battery .

    or any site i can find more info abt this thanks
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