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    Default HP photosmart 912

    Any comments on this camera? Just realised its existence this morning and it has a very nice feature- OPTICAL TTL VIEWFINDER!

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    it's quite an old model. You should be able to find some reviews at the major sites. Don't think resolution and color reproduction are that good.
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    It's indeed a superb camera. I had this camera before.
    The only drawback for this camera is the megapixel.

    But c'mon, see what you need? if you only print up to 8R, then it's good enough already.

    Colour reproduction? in digital world, everything is retouchable

    I was a very satisfied user of this camera. I sold because there's a need to print bigger now. If you are in budget constraint and want DSLR control, get it. but if you are a gadget freak, better go for newer consumer digicam

    I don't know current market price. But I sold mine before for $580. Quite a big loss in value, as I purchase it online for $1000


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