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Thread: vs. a DSLR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap_Dingo View Post
    FYI, number 3 (the baby) is the pic taken by someone else which I saw on clubsnap. Loved it - and realised that none of my pics come out that way. The ones which I take appear (to me) like a series of pixels together rather than a smooth photo... dunno how else to describe it. Maybe ISO 200 is too grainy?

    A1 is a prosumer.

    Thanks again zoossh. Any other comments?
    i see. thought you shot that. it is the lighting and the correct white balance. i'm not sure if prosumer deals well in that aspect as i have not used one. but i'm quite fed up with my 3.2MP KM dimage compact i used abt 2 years ago. switch to a DSLR and never look back. of cos there is still a need to have that kind of lighting to achieve that effect.

    however, what attracts you in the last pic is probably not just the lighting, and certainly not sharpness, but the narrow depth of field and its softness. it makes a difference to the aesthetic for isolated subjects, narrow depth of field is better achieved on DSLR's larger sensors than compact. i saw a national geographic guy did on an olympus compact which in his case is well adapted for wide depth of field, however that saying, he has the anticipational skills to pre focus which not everyone has.

    you can consider a few options,
    1. check out more on prosumers today to see if they satisfy your needs with an advantage of being smaller and cheaper than most DSLR models
    2. have a try at DSLR entry levels.

    a specific (as i can only recommend things i have used before) but probably not the best, recommendation to cover your needs
    nikon D50, D70 or D70s second hand ($600 to $900)
    nikon f/1.8 50mm (<$200)
    a third party 18-55mm range f/2.8, e.g. tamron (cheaper)
    SB400 or 600 (not sure if SB400 fit older models) (<$400)

    you can always pay more for better stuff, or buy all 2nd hand to save. the wide aperture will make a difference in depth of field, and not just on shutter duration. other brands can be considered and with good handling, can achieve the same basics.
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    Default Re: vs. a DSLR

    You guys are super!

    BM: the site did mention quality problems in the conclusion. So yes, it does seem inherent.

    Z: I think you're right. It might just "be" the quality you get out of a prosumer. I spent the entire Saturday afternoon looking through D70s as an alternative. Looks like I'll go for something like that. I'm going to keep my eyes open in the next couple of months.

    Thanks all (esp Z) for your input. Appreciate getting pro opinions on this issue as its been bugging me since I got this A1 second hand - first cam. So also not sure whether it was the equipment or just the photographer.

    Time to hunt for the D70s stuff.


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