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    In/Extrospective - A Shooting Home 06 Reunion Show

    Featuring works by Chn'g Yaohong, Derrick Tan, Edmund Lye, Franziska Redomske, Kong Chong Yew, Ore Huiying and Sam Chin and curated by local fine art photographer, Chow Chee Yong.

    The photographers choose photography as the medium to explore and to apprehend the world around them. Armed with a slew of questions and a camera, some of them look within themselves, while the others turn their lens to their external environment. In the process they might have found the answers, or not. The aim of this exhibition is not to provide the viewers with the solutions but rather to engage and intrigue them into raising their own questions about diverse issues such as the self, the mundane and the society. Pushing beyond the boundaries of conventional photographic style, the photographers present their unique interpretations to the public. They hope their works would unsettle the audience to start examining their status quo.

    :: Details ::
    Exhibition Date: 4rd to 27th Aug 07
    Time: 10am to 9pm daily
    Guided Tours: 4th & 11th Aug 07, 1pm
    Venue: The Arts House at Old Parliament
    1, Old Parliament Lane

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