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Thread: Have you done this before?

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    Default Rain Photography

    Who have done Rain Photography before? I don't have a L lense, so don't dare to expose my lense in wet condition.
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    i suppose u r reffering to "picture taking precautions during wet weather"...

    actually exposing ANY lens to rain is psychogically even if its L lens, still got to minimise exposure to water

    here r some methods:

    (1) to cover urself, go for hooded raincoat/windbreaker or poncho instead of umbrella. less hassle

    (2)to protect photo gear, best is to wrap them all up yet be able to handle it properly eg buttons area still easily accessible. or u can try partial wrap up for the more vulnerable areas. carry more spare wraps/plastic bag/whatever as spares

    (3)use a bigger, baggy bag so u can dump or draw photo gear fast

    (4) carry a few pieces of big cloth; sling one of them around so u can wipe off excess rain water at all times, keep the rest as spare

    (5)tripod/monopod: they need less protection, actually

    (6)experiment n find out more...

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    use a 1Ds


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